Hobbit or an Orc, which are you?

If you have ever wondered yourself which character u are, a Hobbit or an Orc, we will try to give you some simple guidelines. After that, you will make that decision by yourself, and answer the question that went through your head.

At first we will consider the personality traits on two sides. Generally Hobbits are watching their own business and keeping to themselves in their own Shire. On the other hand, Orcs are generally war-minded creatures, always aggressive who wants to attack any town and eat and pillage. So the question is, are you timid or aggressive and do you mind your own business, or you are always looking in someone’s else.

Hobbits love food, and they would probably eat couple of time a day, Actually they are so passionate about food, that they could eat all day long. I’m pretty sure that the Orcs can eat all day too, but the main difference is that Orcs would feed themselves with your neighbor, and they have awful manners. So, this one is kinda close.

Orc or Hobbit, what side you take?

Orc or Hobbit, what side you take?

Now we have to consider the other two personality traits, manners and hygiene. Hobbits are gracious and polite hosts, even when they have strangers in their home. Hobbits always like to be neat and clean, even in a difficult circumstances. On the other hand, Orcs live in a cave full of remaining food, stinky and not comfortable at all. If we talk about their manners, they don’t have respect even for their own kind, not to mention for others. They are taking pride in the stolen treasure and their proudly carrying weapons, who they love to use as much as they can. Now ask yourself, are you polite to others or extremely rude, and do you look professional in life, or you looks like u live in a dumpster?

Time to talk about fighting skills they possess. Orcs are a tough army, and a really good fighters. Orcs are strong, have outstanding endurance and are more muscular. And Hobbits, they are pretty good fighters as well, especially when they are pushed into a corner, When motivated, they also have excellent endurance to keep pushing forward to their final destination. We have to mention the weapons they use, from axe, to swords of Stainless steel blade and hammers. Very good example of their skills in a fight we can find in the Warcraft movie. Orcs looks pretty scary and insanely powerful there. 

I guess that loyalty is the most admired quality on the both sides. Especially Hobbits, they will always be here to help you when you are facing the worst, They see a true treasure in the friends they have. As for the Orcs, they are loyal as well, but just to the ones that have a most use of, to fill their own bellies. So you can ask yourself the main question. Am I truly loyal?

When considering all the circumstances, I hope you were able to answer your question. You are a Hobbit or Orc, or maybe somewhere in the middle of both.